Welcome to the documentation for our Token Bridge, a vital infrastructure component of our Ramestta blockchain. This guide aims to provide an overview of what the Token Bridge is, its significance, and a summary of how users can interact with it.

What is the Token Bridge?

The Token Bridge is a functionality that allows for the secure and seamless transfer of tokens between our Polygon and Ramestta blockchain. By using this bridge, users can enjoy the benefits of the scalability, low fees, and fast transactions offered by the Ramestta network while remaining connected to the broader Polygon ecosystem.

Access the Token Bridge here.

Why Use the Token Bridge?

  1. Scalability: Migrating tokens to the Ramestta network lets users benefit from higher throughput and low latency.

  2. Reduced Transaction Costs: Transaction fees on the Ramestta network are generally much lower, making it a more cost-effective platform for trading and yield farming activities.

  3. Speed: Faster Ramestta network block times allow quicker transaction confirmations.

  4. Interoperability: Keep the utility and functionality of your tokens across different layers of the blockchain.

  5. Accessibility: Transferring tokens to Ramestta allows users to participate in Ramestta-specific decentralized applications (dApps), services, and protocols unavailable on the Polygon network.

  6. Security: The Token Bridge employs state-of-the-art cryptographic techniques to ensure that transactions are secure and tokens are transferred safely between Polygon and Ramestta.

Plasma and PoS Tokens

In Ramestta infrastructure, we support two types of tokens: Plasma tokens and Proof-of-Stake (PoS coming soon) tokens.

RAMA Token (Plasma)

The RAMA token operates under the Plasma framework, which ensures high scalability and security. Plasma tokens like RAMA allow for rapid and low-cost transactions and can be securely withdrawn to the Polygon network via the Plasma Bridge.

PoS Tokens

All other supported tokens on our Token Bridge are PoS tokens. These tokens leverage our Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, balancing efficiency with security. PoS tokens can be quickly and securely transferred between Polygon and Ramestta through the Token Bridge.

Supported Tokens

At present, the Token Bridge supports only a curated list of tokens. This list is continuously updated to ensure security and compatibility with our networks.

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